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March 13, 2017


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Spring has (almost) come at last. Finally, we can crawl out of hibernation and take advantage of the warmer weather. At Pischke Motors of La Crosse near Onalaska, WI, we know the odds that you didn’t have to take your vehicle into the cold weather elements are low and that whether you winterized it beforehand or not, there are steps you’ll need to take to get it ready for the milder months ahead.

Wash Thoroughly
One of the biggest threats to your car is the corrosive effect of all the salt on the roads during the winter months. While salt is easily washed off, winter weather can put a damper on regular washes, which is why it’s particularly important to get it washed when the weather warms up. Remember, it’s not just about making your car sparkle! You want to get the parts you can’t see washed, the underbody specifically, as it can collect a lot of salt build-up without you even knowing about it.

Replace Wipers
Winter is rough on both your wipers and your battery, however, your wipers take particular abuse being in regular contact with the elements. To ensure your visibility doesn’t suffer replace your wipers after each winter. We can help you find these and many other great Chrysler parts.

Check Fluids
Cold weather can sap your car of its fluids, even when you don’t actually use them. Moreover, your tires can fall victim to the chilly temperatures as well, causing them to deflate. Get all your fluids checked and make sure your tires have the appropriate inflation.

Let us get you ready at Pischke Motors of La Crosse. Our Chrysler service center is maintained by our highly trained service professionals who are ready to get you prepared for the spring. Stop by our car dealership near Onalaska, WI soon!


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