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February 21, 2017


It’s no coincidence that we use the nickname “wheels” for our automobiles, despite all of the other moving parts that go into creating a cars locomotion, it’s the wheels that seem to be its defining feature. At Pischke Motors of La Crosse in La Crosse, WI, we know that wheels, and more specifically tires, are about as important to cars maintenance as it gets.

When your tires are in a state of disrepair, it can greatly affect your car’s performance and might even become dangerous. There are a few things, in particular, you want to look out for:

Tire Tread Depth
The tread on your tire is how it grasps the road and creates traction so that you can precisely control the vehicle, especially at higher speeds. Over time that treading beings to erode and wear down, causing your tire to become smooth and lose its ability to maintain traction. When this happens it is definitely time for replacements. Come into Pischke Motors of La Crosse and our specialized service team in our Chrysler service center will get you set up with quality Dodge tire replacements.

Tire Pressure
An equally pressing issue with a less all-encompassing solution is tire pressure. A tire needs to be inflated at a specific level of pressure, too much or too little can cause undue strain on a vehicle. Moreover, the tire becomes more vulnerable to damage. If you are unsure about your car’s levels, just bring it in and we can make sure everything is in order.

While there’s nothing you can do to keep your tires in optimal condition in perpetuity, you can help them last longer by switching them out with winter tires when appropriate. Winter tires are designed to take the demanding winter weather and save your regular tires from quite a bit of stress.


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